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[PLUG] New OS Major Versions

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From: Art Alexion

> You can't imagine the gigabytes of postings on Kubuntu and other KDE
> lists 
> that say what you summed up in that last sentence.

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Patience friends. This all sounds familiar e.g. Microsoft Vista. This begs the question do people really want new OS/GUI/Window Manager? I find folks have no patience for an OS/GUI/Window Manager in transition. The best version is usually the last version in the line of releases. However if you want to be an expert you have to use it and muddle through it. They will get it right sooner or later.

Using and appreciating multiple platforms(yes Microsoft too) I never simply discount the work, time, effort, skill, good intentions, and luck that it takes to produce a stable, attractive, easy to use product from all of the incredibly talented people that code.

This is actually a bad time for KDE to be making missteps as Microsoft is busy making a "Linux Killer" with it's new Windows scheduled to be released later this year. Their extremely aggressive release schedule is unprecedented in Microsoft history. Why they aren't making a "OSX killer" begs even more questions. The many articles I've read seem to indicate that Microsoft fears the Netbook realizing that it doesn't have anything new that will run on a Netbook. Hence why they are gunning for Linux and see them as a bigger threat than OSX. "Linux developers should be flattered" according to a few of the authors.

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