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Re: [PLUG] New OS Major Versions/netbooks

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Patience friends. This all sounds familiar e.g. Microsoft Vista. This
> begs the question do people really want new OS/GUI/Window Manager?

I'll proudly stand right up and say NO.  Especially if it's pretty.

> of releases. However if you want to be an expert you have to use it
> and muddle through it. They will get it right sooner or later.

I suspect I'm willing to tolerate a little more of this from linux than 
some commercial OS I may be forced to use at work.

> Using and appreciating multiple platforms(yes Microsoft too) I never
> simply discount the work, time, effort, skill, good intentions, and
> luck that it takes to produce a stable, attractive, easy to use
> product from all of the incredibly talented people that code.

With no disrespect to the people, if I can't use it, what good is it?
Wading through Vista was *painful*.  I have used it twice and hopefully 
will never have to touch it again.  The newer KDE reminded me of Vista 
but not as bad.

> Microsoft is busy making a "Linux Killer" with it's new Windows
> scheduled to be released later this year. Their extremely aggressive
> release schedule is unprecedented in Microsoft history.

This is a recipe for disaster.  Look at what happens when they release 
an OS on time or behind.  Their customers are their beta testers and 
must pay for the privilege.  If they're rushing things... well... do the 

> aren't making a "OSX killer" begs even more questions. The many
> articles I've read seem to indicate that Microsoft fears the Netbook
> realizing that it doesn't have anything new that will run on a

That's really interesting.  Thanks for the info.

Along those lines, I took a netbook to my parents the other night.  They 
have an XP laptop.  Unfortunately they don't use it enough to remember 
how to do things.  I was very curious to see how they'd respond to EEE 
Ubuntu.  They did pretty well, all things considered.  Not sure it was 
enough to recommend it over XP but if *they* could operate it (along 
with our work population), *anyone* can.

There was a Fox `news' segment on netbooks the other day.  They had a 
lot of good things to say about them.  When the video segment was done, 
the `news' guy said they run on linux and are easy to use.  Also, don't 
expect to be editing video, etc etc...

I believe this is the first serious mass opportunity for linux, whether 
on the desktop or the netbook.  If you haven't seen it, at least grab a 
copy and run it as a VM.  Play with it yourself but most importantly, 
see how others react to it.  Windows people, perhaps.

I am virtually positive that I could replace 90%+ of work's desktops 
with linux with no grief.  I'm not crazy enough to try, but if the 
economy gets that bad, I could certainly save a lot of money in 
licensing fees...

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