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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

On Sunday 01 February 2009 14:11:02 Lee Marzke wrote:
> It's much easier to just get it working on Windows with their router, but I
> confirmed the WAN settings (=PPOE) ,  login name, login password,
> Nameservers
> etc. with the tech to make sure I could duplicate them.
> The default D-Link WiFi router
> is a piece of junk and I replaced that with a  Linksys WRT54GL running
> Sveasoft.  This
> allows 'pseudo static' IP's ,   Dynamic DNS, and a  lot of other useful
> options.
> Make sure you get the loginname password for their router !, and keep
> the original
> router for troubleshooting any problems.

The last time there was a related thread here, someone said it wasn't PPPoE.  
Right now, it is PPPoE to the modem, but DHCP to the computers.  The 
computers don't need to have PPPoE set up at all.

I got the impression that the new hardware that they give you is similar to 
what I am using now, a combo modem/switch/wireless-AP/gateway.  It is a 
single HTTP interface for configuring all of the functions.  The only problem 
was that Verizon wasn't going to get into helping you configure the LAN 
functionality (don't blame them) and Actiontec wasn't telling without a fee.  
Eventually, I figured it out by poking around.  I'm hoping the new hardware 
works the same way.

I am less concerned about whether *I* can get it working than I am about them 
refusing to install it if they think the computer doesn't meet their 
requirements.  Maybe, if the guy has an attitude, I'll let them configure my 
daughter's Mac and I'll set up the rest.

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