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[PLUG] FiOS & Linux

I ordered Phone & Internet yesterday.  The price was right.  Currently phone 
and DSL cost $68-72/month.  We pay Sprint Long Distance $3-10 additional for 
long distance and local toll.

FiOS base price is $57/month and will replace Sprint as well.  Who knows what 
taxes will add to the $57.

I got the confirmation email with prep requirements.  Among the requirements 
is a windows virus scan.  We don't own a windows computer. Besides Linux, we 
have one Mac laptop.

How difficult is it going to be dealing with the technician to set this up if 
we only use Linux?

Also, I understand that we will be getting a new modem/router/switch thing.  
Our current combo appliance provides our LAN switching as well as being our 
internet gateway.  Verizon did not support the LAN setup with DSL.  Is this 
going to be a problem with the new equipment?

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