John Sladek on 2 Feb 2009 16:02:45 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

Hi Art,

Verizon Gives you a Router and it hands out address via DHCP.  You could
hook your Linux, Mac, PC, Cell phone, Wii, Playstation, or whatever
device connects to an IP network.  

I know this because I install FiOS on a daily basis.  I don't claim to
be a Linux expert or an expert in any field for that matter but I can
tell you, I'm not falling for a windows wallpaper on a Linux machine.   

Fios techs all have a Toughbook that they can go through the
configuration with since the Tech Wizard we use only runs on Windows and
Mac.  Mail servers are pop3 & smtp so you may have to go in and config
Evolution or whatever you use.

Someone here before advised making the Verizon tech connect the router
via Cat5e rather than Coax.  If you plan on not using the actiontec at
all then this might be a good idea but for the most part Moca is fine
considering that it is good for 100+Mbit/s.  You could cascade another
router off the Action tech if you want to or cascade ours off yours.
Just remember that the tech is not there to do your home networking but
simple configurations should be no problem.

Plan on the tech spending the whole day at your house.  If the install
is simple then maybe he will be there for 4 hrs or so.  Also keep in
mind that we start at 8am and have to be at out garage at that time, so
don't expect the tech to show up at your door at 8 (unless the tech has
a 7am start, most don't)  The tech may have a morning meeting, then have
to log in and pick up their job, then stock their truck, call back their
customer from their last job and reorder supplies.  Also they now need
to travel to you location.  On the way the tech will need to stop at a
fiber hub and throw a fiber cross connect. this may involve an aerial
hub which requires that use of a ladder and some fiber cleaning and
possible some changing of assignments if ports are in use. So, getting
to your place by 9am for (8am for 7am start) would be good.

There are no FiOS installation techs sitting in their trucks.  I find it
difficult to get a triple play done in 8 hrs unless everything is easy
and there are no slow ups.  What I mean by this is simple loop, good
coax, and activation servers working properly.  There are also no FiOS
installation techs doing 3 - 4 installs a day (well, at least not with
the types of homes in this area)


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