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Re: [PLUG] New OS Major Versions

On Sunday 01 February 2009 14:15:42 Brian Vagnoni wrote:
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> From: Art Alexion
> > You can't imagine the gigabytes of postings on Kubuntu and other KDE
> > lists
> > that say what you summed up in that last sentence.
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> Patience friends. This all sounds familiar e.g. Microsoft Vista. This begs
> the question do people really want new OS/GUI/Window Manager? I find folks
> have no patience for an OS/GUI/Window Manager in transition. The best
> version is usually the last version in the line of releases. However if you
> want to be an expert you have to use it and muddle through it. They will
> get it right sooner or later.
> Using and appreciating multiple platforms(yes Microsoft too) I never simply
> discount the work, time, effort, skill, good intentions, and luck that it
> takes to produce a stable, attractive, easy to use product from all of the
> incredibly talented people that code.


In trimming Jeff's quote, you missed the point.  Nobody expects anything to be 
perfect the first try, whether it is a cake, a car, or a "desktop 

jeff wrote:
> How can they call something a release with results like this?

It is OK that it is a work in progress.  The problem is that it is being 
foisted on the users as if it was stable and functional.  We are now up to 
a .2 release and many basic and important things still don't work.  I just 
read a post that said "should be fixed in 4.3"  What!?  Next we'll hear "wait 
for 4.4".  By the time this works, if the project survives, we'll be testing 
KDE 5.

At least Gnome is due for a facelift this year.

If only gnome had the configurability of KDE 3, and KDE 4 had the stability of 
gnome, we'd have two good choices.

And this is nothing like Vista.  Vista is still a pig (with or without 
lipstick).[1]  KDE 4 is not a pig.  It just doesn't work.

[1] Reported Vista sales are misleading.  First, consumers of most PC vendors 
don't have a choice.  Second, my office buys Dell.  All of our new Dells come 
with XP.  But in order to get XP, we have to buy a Vista license.  So MS gets 
to say they sold us Vista, even if it never sees the circuit of any of our 

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