Brian Vagnoni on 1 Feb 2009 12:46:01 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] New OS Major Versions

Yeah I know it's a bit of a stretch. I realize that KDE runs on top of Linux, and that the Linux kernel is stable(despite the occasional release of a not so fun kernel). The benefits of Linux are that I'm not stuck with just one window manager like I'm with Windows. I could always use Gnome even though KDE is my favorite. Or just go anti-rodent and do command line. 

I just saw similarities and thought I would comment on them. Also, I didn't see anyone talk about the comments I was seeing in some of the blogs I read about the Windows Linux killer which I thought were amusing. 

Actually the authors of the blogs may have gotten it wrong. Maybe Linux developers should be insulted by Microsoft's attempts to emulate them. Actually if they took the kitchen sink and the rest of the mansion out of Vista it mite not be so bad. 

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