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Re: [PLUG] OT (but not really): Tough Interview questions

On 2/11/09, Michael Leone <> wrote:
> True. But: suppose you're looking for someone to manage your
>  firewall/routers/etc. Be nice to know that the person actually knows
>  what BGP is, and why and when you'd want to use it, rather than "I'll
>  get back to you after I look it up". Or "How would you fix this route,
>  in a Nortel switch?". Or similar.

I wrote a 20-question quiz last time I was hiring (a couple of years
ago). A lot of the questions end "how would you troubleshoot this?"
I'm not looking to see whether they know the switches for rndc (I
don't) but how they'd go about finding the root cause of a problem.

Design concerns are big for me too. I want them to know what RAID
level is appropriate for an application or how to avoid SPOFs. The
last question on the quiz (we needed someone with MS Exchange
experience) was "	What steps will prevent mail loss from a PST file?"
The answer was, of course, never using a PST file.
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