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Re: [PLUG] Internet Provider Wars, part New

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Joe Terranova <joeterranova@gmail.com> wrote:
> Don't get TV. I'll be going with a nice $40 antenna, since I get
> excellent signal from Philly stations, who are now all broadcasting
> digital, in 720i or 1080i. Everything else I'll just watch online if I
> can, and live without if I can't do so. Take a look at HDTV Antenna
> Labs for reviews and links to figure out what you'd need. [2] You can
> also get basic service from Verizon for OTA channels for like $10 a
> month if you're in a crummy reception area. Full blown FiOS TV is OK
> if you have one TV, but gets painful as you add more TVs, because
> (like comcast) you pay to rent each set top box. You could do a MythTV
> setup using a composite capture device to share a set top box across
> multiple TVs, but it's tedious and you'd still only be able to watch
> as many TVs at once as you have set top boxes.

Verizon will provide you with "Local Plus" for $14/mo that includes
all of the OTA broadcasts, plus PBS from NJN and Allentown, plus
Bridges and WGN from Chicago, plus two ION stations.  These are all
provided in Clear QAM and will work by just plugging the cable into
any HDTV.  You won't need a set-top box; I've never had one.

But if you want an antenna suitable for picking up OTA HDTV
broadcasts, I've got a mint condition Lacrosse with amplifier I'll
part with for $100.

Here's the info about the Lacrosse:
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