Sidney on 17 Feb 2009 19:03:15 -0800

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[PLUG] Looking for tech support

I am looking for reasonably-priced technical support for my home office setup, 
which comprises an IBM T43 Thinkpad running Debian testing with KDE 3.5.10 and 
my own local server that hosts my web site and my mail running ClarkConnect.  
I’m a non-technical but moderately knowledgeable and fairly demanding user; my 
clientele requires me to use MS Office apps, which I run in Crossover, and I 
also need automated daily backup to the server for all my data, including email 
and calendar (previously provided by rdiff-backup and more recently by bacula), 
and installation of appropriate OS updates as they become available.  If 
there’s any way to sync my Blackberry too, that would be great, as we haven’t 
been able to get that to work yet. 
I also have a handful of odd apps that run only in Wndows, for which I have an 
installed VM that runs Win2K in QtEmu. 
The architect and builder of my system, who until now has been providing my tech 
support, usually remotely via SSH, is my son, Matt, known to the PLUG as 
Matthew Rosewarne.  Matt’s current location is severely limiting his 
availability to continue to do this for me (no, he’s not in jail!) and I'm 
looking for someone who can provide the remote support I need.  Matt should be 
available to provide background on the setup and the ongoing issues.
Sidney N Kahn
Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Inc.
401 Crescent Rd
Wyncote PA 19095

Phone +1 215 885 0212
Fax +1 215 885 0213
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