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Re: [PLUG] bug squashing

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 8:17 AM, Art Alexion <art.alexion@gmail.com> wrote:
> Please drop on by to help while having fun.  It is from noon to six, but I am
> sure you can help with only an hour to spare.  It is for all skill levels,
> including just triaging bugs for those with coding skills to work on.

And don't be scared if you haven't a clue what it means to "triage a
bug" - it basically means read the bug, see if you can duplicate the
behavior by trying it out on your system or if you need more
information and make notes accordingly ("I see this problem occurring
as well, here are additional details" or "I can't recreate this
problem, can you provide more info about your hardware/software/etc?".
This is the kind of thing that anyone can do, even without coding
experience, and the idea is to respond so that the bug just isn't
hanging out there bleeding with no response from anyone while a user
is having a problem.

Connor is an expert at bugs who told me to make sure people knew that
he was volunteering to help anyone with ANY skill level with anything
during the event. Plus we'll be getting everyone on IRC to join
#ubuntu-bugs on freenode so you have the option of asking questions
there as well. If you don't have a launchpad.net account (required to
write responses to bugs) we'll make sure everyone is hooked up with
one of those too. The link Jim gave gives you further links to a bunch
of resources if you want to read up and be prepared when you arrive,
but it's not required.

Hope to see a few PLUG folks come out to this. Did I mention we'd have food? :)

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