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Re: [PLUG] bug squashing

On Monday 16 February 2009 23:28:10 Gordon Dexter wrote:
> jeff wrote:
> > Dear Ubuntu bug squashers:
> >
> > I am an Xubuntu user of a few years.  How can I possibly help the effort
> > to squash bugs when I can barely identify a shell script?
> >
> > I want to help but let's just say I'm not a coder.
> >
> > Signed,
> > Moping in MontCo
> The easiest answer is to find the bugs.

While on the topic of bug squashing, the Ubuntu Local Team in the Greater 
Philadelphia area is sponsoring a Global Bug Squash at my workplace this 

Please drop on by to help while having fun.  It is from noon to six, but I am 
sure you can help with only an hour to spare.  It is for all skill levels, 
including just triaging bugs for those with coding skills to work on.

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