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Re: [PLUG] mini-HOWTO: mp3fs

At 2009-02-26 09:47 -0500, Gordon Dexter <> wrote:
> Art Alexion wrote:
> >I am unclear as to whether this "virtual" file system resides in memory or 
> >on disk.
> >
> >A great idea if the former.
> I don't think it exists anywhere.  I believe it acts as a layer on top 
> of a real filesystem with FLAC files.

Um... it has to exist somewhere, or else you couldn't access it.

You, however, proceeded to describe Art's option 1, which is how all
virtual file systems exist (think tmpfs, procfs, so forth).

I actually question the sanity of doing the flac->mp3 processing on
the fly all the time, which entails a non-trivial memory and CPU hit.
It may work okay if there's only one or two readers, but it can't
scale without some fairly clever pre-fetch and (fast) disk caching.
That said, it's perfect for what it's intended to do (but don't
imagine that you could use this to drive, for example, 25 listening
stations in a record store without throwing some beefy hardware at

gabriel rosenkoetter

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