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Re: [PLUG] Trenton Computer Festival April 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 08:03:37AM -0500, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> I'm not sure what we'd *do* at a PLUG table. The NJ team gives Ubuntu
> demos and gives out Ubuntu CDs. Presumably we'd do something similar
> with a broader Linux base, and distribute pamphlets promoting PLUG?

I suggest you produce two hand-outs (of any kind). The first hand-out
should contain a large headline, a little information about PLUG, the
times and places of your meetings, and a URL. This catches their
attention and gives them the essential information. The second hand-out
should contain a list of your upcoming meeting topics and a list of your
best meeting topics.  This sustains their attention and moves them
towards action -- attending a meeting.

I've noticed your group is really good about putting presentation slides
up on the Internet -- far better than any NJ group. You may want to
setup a display station and rotate through some of the recent slides or
setup a workstation and let people select slide-shows they want to view.

I also highly suggest volunteers bring their Linux and free
software-powered devices.  Getting people to try GNU+Linux on their
desktops for free takes a lot of work, but they're willing to go out and
spend $300 on a free software-powered device without hesitation -- and
once they've spent money, they have extra incentive to learn about the
operating system.  So bring your EeePCs, Mini9s, XOs, and PDAs!

Finally, I don't suggest you put a lot of effort into give-away CDs:
many people take give-aways even if they don't plan on using them, so
most of our CDs go to waste. Almost everyone who goes to computer shows
has high-speed internet and a CD burner, and I don't think it's
unreasonable for us to expect them to download an ISO and burn it

I created a co-ordination and volunteering page for TCF on the NJ Team's


I'll make more contributions to it once NJ's plans shape up.

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