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Re: [PLUG] Trenton Computer Festival April 2009

Possibily CDs could be burned on an as by request basis?
There are situations in which the ability to download an usable ISO is 
compromised.  Think of the situation where the old machine has given up
the ghost and the person must put together a new one.  This person must
have what he or she needs to reach out to the web and get the rest.

Quoting "David A. Harding" <>:

> On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 08:03:37AM -0500, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> > I'm not sure what we'd *do* at a PLUG table. The NJ team gives Ubuntu
> > demos and gives out Ubuntu CDs. Presumably we'd do something similar
> > with a broader Linux base, and distribute pamphlets promoting PLUG?
> I suggest you produce two hand-outs (of any kind). The first hand-out
> should contain a large headline, a little information about PLUG, the
> times and places of your meetings, and a URL. This catches their
> attention and gives them the essential information. The second hand-out
> should contain a list of your upcoming meeting topics and a list of your
> best meeting topics.  This sustains their attention and moves them
> towards action -- attending a meeting.
> I've noticed your group is really good about putting presentation slides
> up on the Internet -- far better than any NJ group. You may want to
> setup a display station and rotate through some of the recent slides or
> setup a workstation and let people select slide-shows they want to view.
> I also highly suggest volunteers bring their Linux and free
> software-powered devices.  Getting people to try GNU+Linux on their
> desktops for free takes a lot of work, but they're willing to go out and
> spend $300 on a free software-powered device without hesitation -- and
> once they've spent money, they have extra incentive to learn about the
> operating system.  So bring your EeePCs, Mini9s, XOs, and PDAs!
> Finally, I don't suggest you put a lot of effort into give-away CDs:
> many people take give-aways even if they don't plan on using them, so
> most of our CDs go to waste. Almost everyone who goes to computer shows
> has high-speed internet and a CD burner, and I don't think it's
> unreasonable for us to expect them to download an ISO and burn it
> themselves.
> I created a co-ordination and volunteering page for TCF on the NJ Team's
> Wiki:
> I'll make more contributions to it once NJ's plans shape up.
> -Dave
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