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Re: [PLUG] Wish list for PLUG talks

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From: Brian Vagnoni

> I would like to add OpenWRT to that wish list. Though not interested
> in giving the talk I would be willing to help put it together.

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Actually and as a note to some of our authors on the list; OpenWRT is wide open for books. There have only been a few chapters dedicated to it in other books. Between the explosion of development boards(UBNT, Microtik, Gateworks) new chipsets, new spectrum allocations, Atheros kernel additions, as well as custom firmware options there is quite a lot to talk about.

Also, UBNT released a new $39.00 USB 2.4Ghz or 900MHz spectrum analyzer this week. Very cool stuff. In addition to the Router Station dev board a new $79.00 dev board called Router Station Pro with more bells and whistles and capable of 800MHz, Gigabit Ethernet, up to 3 mini-pci radios, POE, 3 Ethernet network interfaces, built in serial, JTAG, and usb controllers/interfaces.

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