JP Vossen on 1 Mar 2009 13:15:28 -0800

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[PLUG] bash 4

As many of you probably saw on Slashdot or elsewhere, bash4 was recently 
released.  Details are up on our "bashinfo" page.  Lots of incremental 
improvements and tweaks.  I've looked at it but not really played that much.
Item 36+:

On a related note, my co-author and I (mostly Carl) are trying to put 
together a bash webcast with O'Reilly, I'll let everyone know the 
details.  Changes in bash 4 is the likely topic.

Be aware that the webcast will probably be via Webex which does not have 
a Linux client and doesn't work well on the Mac, I am told.  O'Reilly is 
fully aware of the annoyance and irony, but Webex is the only service 
that hasn't crumbled under the load they generate.  I'm also told the 
webcast will eventually end up on Youtube, so that may be an option.

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