George Langford on 3 Mar 2009 06:44:32 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Firefox crashes with lots of tabs open

Arthur & Jonathan wrote:

> I have had trouble with FF running up CPU as well. I find that it  
> gets worse the *longer* I have specific tabs open. That is, if I  
> leave a certain tab open for a while, it makes trouble, especially  
> between sessions. It doesn't matter if the page has a long history  
> or no history, it seems to be the lifetime of a tab.
> The other issue is that FF won't exit properly. That is to say that  
> the process still hangs around running up the CPU after I've told it  
> to close. Eventually I have to politely nudge it with kill but when  
> I restart, it doesn't register that it was shutdown incorrectly.  
> This leads me to believe that it does all of the requires shutdown  
> housekeeping but something is wrong in the core that keeps it going.
> Any ideas? Has anyone had success locating a bug report for symptoms
> discussed in this thread? I tried and it didn't
> have much luck at all.

I blame nasty scripts, mining my surfing habits.  The long shutdowns
are worst after I've been going through my morning eBay routines -
opening a great many eBay ads in succession.  It's not confined to
the number of tabs opened - I don't use tabs - I just open & close
windows, jumping between a search window and successive ad windows,
which I close to return to the search window.  If I then turn to real
work, such as, I find the PC quite sluggish unless I
exit FF.  When I do that, the CPU usage meter pegs for several minutes.
My solution has been to play two or three games of Freecell until
everything calms down.

I identify nasty scripts because eBay is notorious for targeted ads,
whose targets they identify with those scripts.  eBay is also notorious
for sloppy programming.

The solution may come from a method of identifying the nasty scripts or
the IP addresses to whom their outputs are addressed.  If I could do
that, I would then use my hosts file to devnull the activities of those
scripts.  It would be like skipping the commercials with MythTV.

George Langford

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