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Re: [PLUG] Kubuntu vs. Debian Lenny

On Wednesday 04 March 2009 06:48:33 pm Bob Skaroff wrote:
> There are backports of kde4 for Lenny, but if you want the latest software,
> install testing and add the unstable repository to sources.list. kde4 is
> now in unstable, although there may be a few things in experimental still.

Thanks.  Here is what I /think/ I want and why.  I have an external drive that 
I really want to use to transport big directories.  WinXP, Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 
8.10 and Kubuntu 8.10.  Unfortunately, two of the computers I want to use it 
with are Kubuntu 8.04 which will not create a block device for it.  Don't know 
why it works with *Ubuntu* 8.04. but not *Kubuntu* 8.04 as I understand the 
subsystem that creates the block devices is not part of the X Desktop 
environment, and should be the same, but that doesn't seem to be how it works.  
I have tested this on multiple machines running the various distros and it 
seems the behavior is not the result of an individual hardware or configuration 

I don't want to move completely to KDE4 yet, but think I might need it to use 
this drive.  I am looking for a Debian based distro that can log into either 
KDE 3 or KDE 4 the same way systems can log into KDE or Gnome.

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