Rob Moore on 6 Mar 2009 11:12:17 -0800

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[PLUG] Backup Software Recommendation?

Hello again-

I got my updates problems fixed yesterday, thanks to you all!

I'm now in the process of configuring my first production Linux server (Debian 5.0). This server is going to be used to back up (to tape) our other Linux servers. The backup would be pretty simple-just four servers to back up, using DDS4 tapes. A GUI interface is fairly important, as I'm not that adept with the command line.

Our former Linux guy has cobbled together some sort of solution that we don't like much. He recommended trying Amanda or Bacula-said he'd heard good things. From the reading I've done, Amanda doesn't seem to have a GUI, and Bacula looks very complex. I read about DAR and KDAR, which sound possible. I don't have any experience to judge what might be right for us, though. Anyone have any input on one of these, or some other suggestion?


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