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Re: [PLUG] OT-Mac Parallels - thanks

Rob Moore wrote:
> I use Parallels on my Mac, running Windows XP as a virtual machine. I use it 8 hours a day. No problems with it at all--it works as well as a physical XP machine.

Thanks for all the good info, folks.

Windows ran ok under Parallels and VMware, it was just a proprietary 
business app that's unfortunately important.  Not sure if he finished up 
the install of it under VMware yet.. I'm curious to find out if it works.

If not, I'll suggest the other emulators mentioned here.

Meanwhile we're having an absolute BLAST picking on him.  You have to 
picture ten pc users and a pair of linux people piling it on about 
needing an Idesk that's reinforced to hold his monitor, plus an Ichair 
because the computer won't work with just ANY chair.  We put a Cisco 
router on his desk because we didn't want his packets touching ours.  To 
add insult to injury, he asked me to open up itunes in the firewall so 
he could ask Steve Jobs' permission to sync his Iphone to it.

But it's all in fun.

Even funnier is the naked envy from everybody who walks in when they see 
his monitor (it's HUGE - 30"?).  I swear if he gets a screensaver of the 
ocean, people will start leaping into it.

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