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Re: [PLUG] OT-Mac Parallels VS VMWare

That's a loaded question.  I use Parallels Desktop 3.x to virtualize CentOS5 and Slackware 12.  Both work beautifully.  I had some serious issues installing WinXP, ironically.  VirtualBox had no issues installing WinXP.

If the application in question has network dependencies, and your VM configuration doefsn't respect them, you can naturally run into some issues.  If the application needs to be seen by an app or device on your network, you will need to configure the VM using bridged networking (so your guest OS will have a unique IP and not share an IP with your host OS).

I have no experience with VMWare, as I support a number of Xserves and Parallels is the only virtualization software that allows one to virtualize OSX Leopard Server OS on Apple architecture.  As a matter of fact, Apple restricts the licensing so much that the ONLY way you can virtualize OSX Leopard Server is within Parallels running on OSX Leopard Server.  In other words, no bare metal virtualization layer like VMWare.  Somewhat of a disappointment and a limitation I'm forced to work with.



With VMware, a vm is equivalent to a physical machine, for all purposes.
Is it the same with Parallels?

He set up XP and everything runs but one app.  He's trying VMware as an
alternative.  We haven't experienced anything that refuses to run under
it but I don't know a thing about Parallels.


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