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Re: [PLUG] OT:Linux-compatible personal audio players?

On Sunday 22 March 2009 09:27:37 Floyd Johnson wrote:
> Dear PLUGgers,
> Can you recommend a small audio unit, with song display, that doesn't
> freak out when repeatedly written to from the USB port of a machine
> running Intrepid Ibex, costs less than $80, and has a mean time between
> failures greater than four months?

As an alternative to the other suggestions, you can pick up a first of second 
generation iPod Nano or even a Mini from Craigslist.  All of the old iPod 
(all except the touchscreen models and the new shuffles) work fine with 
Amarok or gtkPod.  And amarok includes some utilities that clean things up if 
the database gets corrupted.  Amarok even supports album art uploads.

Here is an expample of a 40 GB for $60.

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