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Re: [PLUG] Memory Questions - Advice Needed

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From: Joe Terranova
> I can tell you from personal experience that when my coworkers who
> have DDR2 Dual channel motherboards set up the pairings wrong (ex
> pairs are 512/256 and 512/256 instead of 512/512 and 256/256, because
> they swapped sticks by accident), their bios beeps like crazy on
> startup. If you don't care about performance, you might want to see if
> your motherboard will respond that way, and if there's a way to turn
> that warning off.
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Joe is so right on with his comments. The faster the memory, the more picky it is with whom it's shares a bank with(unlike people). Go with pairs or you will end up wasting a lot of time(unless you have a lot of time to waist), hair; from pulling it out, and people around you will be much happier to see you.

I hate memory errors; they will corrupt a hard dive faster that you can say write.

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