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Re: [PLUG] Memory Questions - Advice Needed

Are you planing to overclock the AMD? If so, you may find that the 800  
actually performs better than the 1066 at the higher voltage.

Wasn't 1066 the year that the English nobility, upset by recent bonus  
payments to cronies, forced King John to sign the Magna  Carta (most  
notable for establishing the writ of habeas corpus, abandoned 950  
years by the American president and decider, George Bush, whose  
advisors had advised the decider that the writ had grown quaint and  
wasn't applicable in the tropics anyway)?

No, I guess that was 1215. 1066 was the year of the Battle of Hastings  
where those pesky Normans (don't call me Norm) invaded.


Art Alexion
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On Mar 31, 2009, at 5:46 PM, Casey Bralla <>  

> For some strange reason, I still appear to be getting older every  
> year.  (In
> my mind, I'm still 25, but I digress).   Oddly, people seem to give me
> presents every April for the simple fact that I've survived another  
> year.
> This year, I plan to pool all my "winnings" and build a new computer.
> I'm considering a couple of options for RAM, and would welcome  
> advice from
> this august body.
> My AMD system will be able to handle DDR2-1066 "Dual Channel" memory.
> Scanning New Egg, I see that DDR2-1066 often come in pairs, or as  
> single
> SIMMs.  From a performance standpoint, is there a difference worth  
> arguing
> over separate of single SIMMs?
> I also have noticed that DDR2-800 memory is a bit cheaper, which may  
> allow me
> to put more memory in the machine.   I understand that -1066 (great  
> number
> BTW.  What's next, "666" memory?) memory is faster, but do you think  
> I will
> see a practical difference in speed between -800 and -1066 memory?
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