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Re: [PLUG] Memory Questions - Advice Needed

It depends.



Casey Bralla wrote:
For some strange reason, I still appear to be getting older every year. (In my mind, I'm still 25, but I digress). Oddly, people seem to give me presents every April for the simple fact that I've survived another year. This year, I plan to pool all my "winnings" and build a new computer.

I'm considering a couple of options for RAM, and would welcome advice from this august body.

My AMD system will be able to handle DDR2-1066 "Dual Channel" memory. Scanning New Egg, I see that DDR2-1066 often come in pairs, or as single SIMMs. From a performance standpoint, is there a difference worth arguing over separate of single SIMMs?

I also have noticed that DDR2-800 memory is a bit cheaper, which may allow me to put more memory in the machine. I understand that -1066 (great number BTW. What's next, "666" memory?) memory is faster, but do you think I will see a practical difference in speed between -800 and -1066 memory?



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