jeff on 1 Apr 2009 16:05:29 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] ntop cool

Bill East wrote:
> I'm glad that Jeff got to see the Egress,

isn't that a bird?

All seriousness aside, I completely failed to get Egress Ingress 
Outgress.  I know I set the source port to BOTH but the dest port wanted 
to know which of the options to use and I wasn't sure if I needed ANY of 
them.  The docs I looked at weren't able to enlighten me.

> ntop with a dozen Cisco routers exporting flows (to a poor, tired, snatched
> from the dumpster D325 running Slack). It is, at times, an insanely useful
> tool for figuring out which user is sucking up the branch's bandwidth so you
> can throttle them. Their port. Of course.

Ok, now this is SCS (seriously cool stuff) to me.
Just started reading about flows.  Any site recommendations?  I know 
ntop can be set for two different kinds (I can't remember which at the 
moment) but do the switches have to output it?  Is it exclusive to one 
brand, like everything else?


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