Josh Goldstein on 7 Apr 2009 18:30:43 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] most common web dev technology in the Philly region?

A new web dev technology? Which one do you already know?
I would avoid ASP.NET if you don't know any yet.  It would verily cripple your brain for life, as if you had learned VB as your first programming language.
I started using Django, and it is extremely nice!  It's not such a free-for-all as PHP, but it's not a giant quagmire like ASP.NET.
Extjs looked very nice, but it turns out to not be very practical for my current project. 
The sortable table and popups are pretty much all I ended up using, so far, and I could have done that myself without toooo much hassle.  It's giving me some IE-only js error, now, too.  So, unless I get uncharacteristically motivated soon, my company's getting a 'Firefox only' web application.
I'm really starting to wish I'd tried jQuery.

EWD? WTF? That looks like just a bunch of buzz words, promoted by the people who sell consulting services for it.  And the person who recommended it doesn't even do web programming?  If anyone has any concrete examples of how it's better than Django or PHP, I'd love to see them.

From: David van Balen <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 1:02:42 PM
Subject: [PLUG] most common web dev technology in the Philly region?

I'm thinking of picking up a book two and learning a new web development technology, so I figured I'd ask the list what people are seeing out there the most. Ruby on Rails? Java EE? .NET/Mono/whatever? Plain old PHP? Something else?

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