Eric on 1 May 2009 11:09:50 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] 9.04 64bit

What about plugins for Firefox?  I found they were unavailable when I was 
running 64bit Ubuntu and that prompted me to abandon 64bit Ubuntu for OpenSuse.
Currently I run 32bit Ubuntu on an Athlon 64 X2 based system because I'm 
addicted to some of those plugins.


jeff wrote:
> Because I enjoy pain, I loaded 9.04 64bit on a new quad-core box at 
> work.  The 32bit version hasn't been an issue.
> The 64bit OS is *fast*.  Or at least the box runs it quickly.
> I am told there are a few things that don't like to run, such as certain 
> multimedia apps, but that's not a concern.  I heard Flash is a problem 
> but if I can't run Flash then it's a PERFECT OS :)  Everybody should use it.
> There's a great app called AutoScan Network that's halfway between 
> inventory and IDS.  It was fairly solid once it got running (somewhat 
> shaky til then) on 8.10 but I'm having all sorts of trouble with it on 
> 9.04/64   It keeps getting frozen or disappearing entirely.  There's a 
> newer version that refuses to do much more than come up.
> Am I an idiot (a bigger one?) to try 64bit or is this perhaps confined 
> to this app?  Thus far the other apps are working but I'm only a day 
> into the project.
> Thanks.

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