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Re: [PLUG] 9.04 64bit

On Thursday 30 April 2009 10:33:30 Toby DiPasquale wrote:
> Actually, I recently upgraded to 9.04 on my amd64 box (Dell Latitude
> D630), as well, and Flash works perfectly. Previously, in 8.04, if I
> had an MP3 player open, Flash couldn't output sound but that's been
> fixed in 9.04. I also agree about the snappiness; it feels much more
> responsive than 8.04 did.
> I will say that the upgrade forces you to 8.10 before you can go to
> 9.04, which screwed up my NVIDIA drivers for a time. However, this was
> the only snag in my upgrade.

I recently tried a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04-64 on an AMD quad core.  Not 
*lame mp3 encoding

Tried again with 32 and all work.  It is noticably slower which is a 

I keep hearing that others get flash and jre to work.  Is there some kind of 
not out of the box trick to this?

Lame did not complain, but produced mp3 files consisting only of white noise.

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