Brian Vagnoni on 2 May 2009 10:33:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Connecting To Sonicwall 1260 From Linux

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From: Art Alexion

> I do it from within a VM.  Ironically, the SonicWALL runs on Linux,
> but they 
> don't seem to supply a Linux client.

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Thanks for getting back to me Art. I have a case in with Sonicwall and will let you know what I find out. I found another article at and mite give this a try and I don't get anything good from them.

I was hoping to remove the sharp stick in my eye regrading my vpn issue. I guess I'm going to have to reinsert it for the time being. :-)

Their global vpn client is very similar in look and feel to several I've used over the years from different vendors(Sonciwall, Watchguard, 3Com). I'm not certain but I imagine they farmed development of the client out to a 3rd party; perhaps Determinist Networks.

They are actually doing a deal right now that if you upgrade your UTM subscription to a 3 year deal you get a free SSL VPN appliance. I already know what people are thinking here, man you should just be using Linux to do all of this. 

I could also do ssh, but then I have to change my windows boxes to support ssh(via Cygwin, or OpenSSH for Windows). I run Mac, Windows, and Linux behind my Sonicwall so it gets very annoying at times trying to make all the OS'es happy. 

The reason for all of this is that my cartop(laptop inside my car, also known as the throw away) Windows XP blew up between the Sprint Mobile software and the Sonicwall GVC destroying Windows networking.  

The cartop is only a Dell 5000 with 512mb of memory and a P3-600 cpu. I would much rather go with Linux only in the car for obvious performance reasons. Even Windows XP Home uses too much memory. But if I drop back to Windows 2000 I loss Truecrypt Full Disk encryption and only can do volumes. I go into high crime neighborhoods quite a bit and taking the laptop with me is not my preferred choice; hence why I call it my throw away laptop. 

I have a Dell 9000 with a P4 but that get too hot for the car. Any ideas would be welcome. Actually having a laptop/laptop car stand in my car often makes me look like a cop. This could either work to a security advantage or dis-advantage.

On the lighter side I had a cop pull up next to me and do a double take. Me with my Dell, him with his Panasonic Toughbook; I was more jealous. :-)

Brian Vagnoni
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> On Friday 01 May 2009 19:22:08 Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> > Is there anyway to connect via vpn from Linux to a Sonicwall 1260?
> From
> > searching the short answer is no; any ideas?

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