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[PLUG] MythTV, upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04 (or 9.10) or migrating data

This is mostly for JP and a few others with whom I have been
discussing various strategies to migrate/upgrade our MythTV systems.

Two issues for some MythTV users in the PLUG community.
1) we're running 7.10 because it just worked
2) we either need/want to upgrade and/or migrate the installation to
another system.

Migrating the MythTV installation:
I and JP had talked about moving the MySQL DB info from one machine to
another to see how MythTV would respond.  If that worked, we would
move the files over to the new system.  I was going to try this out on
my Ubuntu 8 and 9 VMs.  Except that the MythTV DB setup on those two
had different schemas, so doing a straight dump without fiddling
wouldn't work.

Nita had mentioned her upgrade of Ubuntu didn't harm MythTV, so I
figured what the heck, just upgrade the stupid box and be done with
it.  This was the first time I upgraded a Linux box that I actually
cared about and I was very hopeful.

To my dismay, I hit Bug #24930
This was annoying.  The short story is that there is something wrong
with the -15 kernel and the localedef process pegs the CPU and does
not respond to a kill -9 (it won't die!). The fix, reboot to the -14
kernel and then do the upgrade.

So JP, upgrade your current installation (or install 7.10 on the new
box).  MythTV will continue to function as normal.  Then migrate the
MySQL data from the old box to the new one and see how that works out.
 Now that I upgraded my machine I might use the VM to try out a
migration of data.

The upgrade did knock out my netatalk (Apple File Sharing)
installation and mythweb as well.

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