Michael Lazin on 4 May 2009 15:49:31 -0700

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[PLUG] find the user with the most files

Hi, I'm in a directory containing directories that belong to different users and we are trying to get users to reduce their disk use to make our backup servers run better. 

I tried

find . | egrep -i "\.(zip|mkv|mp3|avi|rar|exe|iso|wma|wmv|mpg|mpeg|nfo|r[0-9]+)$"|less

In this directory and noticed a lot of these users have warez, but we don't have the time or the manpower to go after every user that has warez.  What I want to do is find every directory of a certain name and output the size of that directory to see who the biggest culprits are.  Any suggestions? 


Michael Lazin

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