jeff on 5 May 2009 13:12:28 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] find the user with the most files

JP Vossen wrote:
>> find . | egrep -i
>> "\.(zip|mkv|mp3|avi|rar|exe|iso|wma|wmv|mpg|mpeg|nfo|r[0-9]+)$"|less

That's too cool, esp to someone who has to use too many Win tools.

>> In this directory and noticed a lot of these users have warez, but we don't
>> have the time or the manpower to go after every user that has warez.  What I
>> want to do is find every directory of a certain name and output the size of
>> that directory to see who the biggest culprits are.  Any suggestions?

Oh, do I feel your pain.  I have some great current stories about excess 
Exchange usage and multiple offline archive files.

It's not totally what you're looking for, but the Windirtree/Sequoia 
(Win) and Kdirstat-type utilities are sometimes handy in general to see 
what you have going.

I should be shot for this but I have to say something positive about 
Windows Storage Server: you can set it to stop certain file groups 
(multimedia, etc.) from being put on the drive.

Do you want to sort on warez or something other than what you mentioned 
first or do you want a straight dir listing?

Wishing you luck.
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