Doug Stewart on 5 May 2009 13:27:06 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] find the user with the most files

I would also recommend taking a look at jDiskReport:

Very slick.  Your users might even want to use it!



On 5/5/09, jeff <> wrote:
> JP Vossen wrote:
>>> find . | egrep -i
>>> "\.(zip|mkv|mp3|avi|rar|exe|iso|wma|wmv|mpg|mpeg|nfo|r[0-9]+)$"|less
> That's too cool, esp to someone who has to use too many Win tools.
>>> In this directory and noticed a lot of these users have warez, but we
>>> don't
>>> have the time or the manpower to go after every user that has warez.
>>> What I
>>> want to do is find every directory of a certain name and output the size
>>> of
>>> that directory to see who the biggest culprits are.  Any suggestions?
> Oh, do I feel your pain.  I have some great current stories about excess
> Exchange usage and multiple offline archive files.
> It's not totally what you're looking for, but the Windirtree/Sequoia
> (Win) and Kdirstat-type utilities are sometimes handy in general to see
> what you have going.
> I should be shot for this but I have to say something positive about
> Windows Storage Server: you can set it to stop certain file groups
> (multimedia, etc.) from being put on the drive.
> Do you want to sort on warez or something other than what you mentioned
> first or do you want a straight dir listing?
> Wishing you luck.
> -jeff
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