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Re: [PLUG] OpenStreetMap mapping party next weekend (5/16-17)

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> This is symptomatic of the larger healthcare rationing problem.  It's 
> merely the next stop the HMOs have put into place in order not to pay 
> their claims.  If you can't find the hospital, they don't have to pay,
> right?
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Yes agreed it's the evil HMO's; it's all tricky Dick's fault. :-)

A mesh network of consisting of, 802.11 AP's, cars(with AP's) and cells phones would be the best way to make this project a success. Philadelphia at least has the basic infrastructure already in place (e.g Philly Wi-Fi). Perhaps we will see some innovation out of Detroit in these areas now that they are under the gun. Cars talking to cars, cars talking to road mounted AP's, cars talking to cell phones, cars talking to satellites, lots of talking and sharing of information. 

Also hyper accurate industrial/military GPS like the type used in commercial navigation(big ships) has accuracy down to 2cm(saw it on the Science Channel). 

Is it just me, or does it seem like we are at a point in history where to make our dreams come true as a society we have to go big & complex rather than small, simple and text book? It seems like Europe is better suited for large scale public projects than we are (sigh). 

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