jeff on 20 May 2009 11:10:23 -0700

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[PLUG] Don't Do This + VMware Conference

After an upgrade to Xubuntu 9.04, nm-applet stopped appearing in the bar 
and autostarting.  I read somewhere to install wicd or something similar 
and that would make things easier.

So there I sat with my laptop, installing wicd, which first *removes* 
network manager.  In other words, I cut my own network connection.



In other news, I attended the PA VMware UG convention and pony show 
yesterday in KofP.  It was VMware heaven (or hell, depending on your 

The first place I went was to VMware's table to ask when the linux VI 
Client would be released.  The guy actually laughed and said officially, 
he couldn't comment on it.  So I asked him to comment unofficially.  He 
said they're `working on it'.

This is not news.

During a VMware presentation, they claimed that there is an UNSUPPORTED 
(and they kept repeating that word) linux VI Client at, 
but I haven't been able to find it as yet.  When I searched, I got 86 
results that were all usernames.

Suffice it to say that the VMware market is booming and there are all 
sorts of interesting products coming out of the woodwork for it - some 

We've been planning on deploying VDI (virtual desktops), which got 
renamed and repackaged.  Interesting updates.  At very least, it will 
replace our VPNs.

We had to sign an NDA to see upcoming highlights.  I asked if that meant 
I couldn't live-blog it and they looked at me kinda funny.


The thing that intrigued me most (and apparently I wasn't alone) was why 
the two main presenters had Macs.  At one point he had to reboot some 
VMs and made a crack about Windows.  I offered that IF YOU WERE RUNNING 
LINUX, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO REBOOT.  The audience loudly approved.

During Q&A someone actually asked `Why the Mac?'
Hilarity ensued.


The event appeared very well-attended (I think they said 900+).
Men were men.  Women were scarce.  Sheep were nervous. 
African-Americans wished there were as many of them as women.
We longhairs were also underrepresented.

Unlikely I'd go again, though.  It was largely a set of commercials, 
except for the VMware presentations.

Meanwhile, back at work, two sets of proprietary software failed at 
once, after which a contractor DELETED an entire virtual payroll server. 
  This was my first trip outside the office in a year or more.  Serves 
me right.
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