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Re: [PLUG] Don't Do This + VMware Conference

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From: jeff []

> The event appeared very well-attended (I think they said 900+).
> Men were men.  Women were scarce.  Sheep were nervous. 
> African-Americans wished there were as many of them as women.
> We longhairs were also underrepresented.
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I thought all the longhairs were using Mac's :-).

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From: jeff []

> We've been planning on deploying VDI (virtual desktops), which got 
> renamed and repackaged.  Interesting updates.  At very least, it will 
> replace our VPNs.
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How does VDI end up replacing your VPN's? (the short answer please) Here I just picked a virtually new Avential EX-2500 SSL VPN for $500 on E-Bay. 

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