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Re: [PLUG] Don't Do This + VMware Conference

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
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From: jeff [mailto:jeffv@op.net]

The event appeared very well-attended (I think they said 900+).
Men were men. Women were scarce. Sheep were nervous. African-Americans wished there were as many of them as women.
We longhairs were also underrepresented.
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I thought all the longhairs were using Mac's :-).

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From: jeff [mailto:jeffv@op.net]

We've been planning on deploying VDI (virtual desktops), which got renamed and repackaged. Interesting updates. At very least, it will replace our VPNs.
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How does VDI end up replacing your VPN's? (the short answer please) Here I just picked a virtually new Avential EX-2500 SSL VPN for $500 on E-Bay.
I was at the VDI demo as well.

Without talking about specifics, basically VDI includes VPN like functionality for remote clients, as well as a very efficient compression for the screen. VDI also has the ability to handle large amounts of latency
MUCH better than RDP and Citrix protocols.

Of course if users still need access to real data at the remote end, not just their desktop, then you
likely still need the VPN.

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