LeRoy on 22 May 2009 07:32:06 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Fixing smartd "Offline uncorrectable sectors" *

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JP Vossen wrote:
>> Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 04:53:31 -0400
>> From: "David A. Harding" <dave@dtrt.org>
>> On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 01:20:37AM -0400, JP Vossen wrote:
>>> 	# dd if=/dev/zero of=/boot/zero; rm -f /boot/zero
>> That's really nifty, but doesn't badblocks do the same thing, with
>> better reporting, and while non-destructively testing used space also?

>> I'm not criticizing, I'm just curious why you chose dd over badblocks.
> Two reasons.
> 1) I was not previously aware of 'badblocks'.  Thanks for the pointer.
> 2) Even if I was, the man page very strongly recommends running it on an 
> unmounted partition.  That would have been hard to do with the server in 
> the co-lo where I can't just boot a LiveCD or something.  I guess I 
> could have tried breaking the mirror and running on 1 half while 
> checking the other half, but I worry that I'd have ended up with a 
> non-booting machine.
> I was able to use dd non-destructively while the partition was mounted 
> and the machine was running with minimal impact.  Since it worked, 
> great.  If it hadn't I'd have asked this list for ideas of what else to 
> try and found out about badblocks.  :-)
> Later,
> JP

You can mount a partition read only or unmount it.
Then you can run e2fsck with the following:

e2fsck -p -f -c -C 0
	-p 	automatically repairs problems
	-f	force the file system check
	-c	run badblocks
	-C 0	display the progress bar

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