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Re: [PLUG] other than newegg ...

i have a generic PC tower case i got at Kehtron in Wilmington,DE
on Route 202 (aka Concord Pike) it has bays for 5 3.5" HD's and two
more floppy bays that can hold a HDD, and it was only like $50-70
came with a PS i wouldnt use with that many drives (i have since
replaced mine with a 500Watt Antec, since i have 5 HDD's in it)
i dunno if they do mail order, i do believe they do, i have been
dealing with them for probly 20 years, their customer service isnt
the best (english isnt a primary language for them) but i have 
found them to be nice, and very reasonable in the $$$ dept...
i live near AC in NJ and still go there when i need to buy machines
or other major stuff...


On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 20:20 -0400, Ron Mansolino wrote:
> I need to find a full (not mid) size tower case that can hold six
> drives.
> six drives use four screws apiece, so I figured I could get a couple
> of bags of screws, but nooooo...
> (also, drive rails? you know, so you can mount 3.5" drives in 5.25"
> bays? no luck, there, either)
> also, their online help was ... disappointing. and their search pisses
> me off. grrr...
> so other than trying to snipe this-n-that off of eBay, can you
> recommend a good online vendor
> (that's not newegg, tigerdirect, cdw, mwhse) for buying trivial (yet,
> necessary!!!) parts like this?
> thx
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