Ron Mansolino on 28 May 2009 17:20:30 -0700

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[PLUG] other than newegg ...

I need to find a full (not mid) size tower case that can hold six drives.
six drives use four screws apiece, so I figured I could get a couple of bags of screws, but nooooo...
(also, drive rails? you know, so you can mount 3.5" drives in 5.25" bays? no luck, there, either)
also, their online help was ... disappointing. and their search pisses me off. grrr...

so other than trying to snipe this-n-that off of eBay, can you recommend a good online vendor
(that's not newegg, tigerdirect, cdw, mwhse) for buying trivial (yet, necessary!!!) parts like this?


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