Casey Bralla on 2 Jun 2009 16:59:29 -0700

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[PLUG] Versatile Flac Tag Editor Wanted

I've got a fairly large (14K files) music library for which I have written a 
custom mysql interface.  I'd like to put some of the metadata which I have in 
mysql into the flac tag itself.  (More robust in case I hose the mysql data.) 

For example:  I keep the song aquisition date in mysql, but it would be very 
nice if I could store that date in the flac music file tag as a separate tag.

The flac tag format is capable of keeping almost anything, but none of the tag 
editors I've used seem to be able to handle anything other than standard tags.

I could always write a python routine to add this data to the tag, but then I 
don't get the flexibility of using a ready-made application like easytag.

Anybody know of a tag editor that is truly versatile and will accept any 
custom field?

Casey Bralla

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