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[PLUG] tcsh, csh, ksh, zsh not pre-installed in Fedora?...

Linux experts,

I'm setting up a virtual server at Amazon EC2, and noticed that
the instance of Fedora Core 8 I created does not have any shells
installed in /bin except for sh and bash.  No csh, tcsh, ksh, zsh,
etc.  Does this seem odd to you?  I've never used a Unix/Linux box
where csh was not installed.  What else might be missing?  So far,
it seems to have everything else I've looked for:  awk, sed, perl,
grep, more, less, find, etc.

In any case, any advice on installing tcsh on Fedora?  Where do I
get the RPM package?  I've used RPM before to install packages,
to check which packages are installed, to check which package
had previously installed a specific file, etc.  But, how can I
find out what packages are on the server, not yet installed?
Is there a convention?  Or a query I can do?  Or do I just have
to go to some external repository to see what's available?

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