Paul L. Snyder on 10 Jun 2009 06:39:02 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] [Slightly OT] UPS recommendations

On Wed, 10 Jun 2009, Claude M. Schrader wrote:

> On 19:50 Tue 09 Jun     , Michael Bevilacqua wrote:
> >    And when you are talking about two high draw appliances like monitors
> >    (21" CRTs?),  both appliances are in for quite a stressful ride. And we
> >    all know monitors are delicate.
> CRTs use so much power that between the extra UPS requirement, and higher
> power bill, I wonder at what point its worth it to just replace them?

Thanks to everyone for the highly informative discussion and suggestions.
And just to complete the information, I recently upgraded from the
Trinitrons - I'm now using a pair of 24" Samsung T240HD LCD monitors.

Speaking of which...anyone interested in a pair of 21" Dell Ultrascan P1110
CRT monitors?  They're absolutely wonderful monitors, if a bit on the bulky
side.  They've been great, but it's time to send them back out
into the world. (I have three, but I'm holding on to one for a future
project.)  Free, free, free...

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