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[PLUG] Pros and cons of key-pair based vs password based SSH...

Linux experts,

Any thoughts on the pros and cons of key-pair based vs password
based SSH access?

If my server's /etc/ssh/sshd_config file has the line:
    PasswordAuthentication no
I can't login via ssh using a password.  I have to instead use
a key-pair, which is stored in a file on the client.  This is
more secure.

However, then I can only ssh from client machines where I have
a copy of the key-pair file, right?

For the ability to ssh from any client machine, without having
to carry my key-pair file on a USB drive or something, is it
reasonable to just change the server's config file to say:
    PasswordAuthentication yes

Or is there a more secure way to get this convenience?

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