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Re: [PLUG] Oops, quickly over my head with Ubuntu package management

On Monday 22 June 2009 5:15:25 pm Eric wrote:
> I have a command on my Ubuntu system called sha256sum.  How do I find what
> package that is in so that I can install it on another server?  I need to
> access it via PHP to create checksums.  It works just fine on my
> workstation but does not exist on the target system.
> I tried to search in Google using this string:
>     ubuntu "install sha256sum" -fedora
> There were 5 responses and they were were either in Japanese/Chinese or
> they indicated that I could have Google translate it.

You will probably get a better command line answer from someone else, but did 
you try using the ubuntu package search plugin for firefox (which I think is 
installed by default in Ubuntu)

I did and got coreutils

> At that point, I'm thinking "Luke, you're in deep doo-doo(1)... very very
> deep."
> Extra information:
> My system:
> 	cat /etc/*release
> 	DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu
> The target system:
> 	cat /etc/*release
> 	DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu

6.06 is pretty old, even for LTS.  The current LTS is 8.04.

Don't know anything about the file you are looking for, but it is more likely 
to be in 8.04 than 6.06.

> Eric
> (1) safe for work translation.

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