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Re: [PLUG] Oops, quickly over my head with Ubuntu package management


Bottom line:  it's an old system.  coreutils is installed but sha256sum is not 
in it.  (Neither, it turns out, is sha224sum, sha256sum, sha384sum, sha512sum, 
or shasum with the options -a or --algorithm [1|224|256|384|512]).  Bummer.

Thanks for all the replies... dpkg -S was exactly what I was thinking of but 
unable to find.

I'm talking with the owner of the server about updating it to the latest LTS 
Ubuntu release because this system:

    Is already 3 years after release
    Has edgy repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list
      (which are now unavailable... and I don't know
       what was installed from them.)
    Has a spotty admin record (not me!)

Gee, if I only knew of a local company that I could outsource these kind of 
system admin tasks too... :-)

Thanks again to everybody.


Art Alexion wrote:
> On Monday 22 June 2009 18:27:38 JP Vossen wrote:
>> I dunno how 'coreutils' isn't on your target though.  Bad path?
> 6.06 is seven versions ago.  The coreutils package for that version may not 
> have included it.
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