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Re: [PLUG] DVD video production software


On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 5:34 PM, Steven
Phillips<> wrote:
> My wife is a kindergarten teacher and every year I put a "memory video"
> together for her kids. Every year, it's a battle against memory leaks and
> missing features (available in the Pro Edition!) This time around, The first
> few copies rendered perfectly, but the last 25 lock up eleven minutes into
> the video.
> Anything open source that's capable of burning to mpeg?

Not exactly, but I can try. You didn't specify whether your input was
still photos or video, so I'm answering in as broad a sense as
possible and note below where only one or the other need is met.

DVD-Slideshow[1] may help. According to their wiki it can output to
DVD or FLV[2], either of which are relatively trivial to convert to
MPEG (well, technically DVD is MPEG-2, but I presume you mean as an
MPEG-4 or similar file[3]). Seems to only support still pictures.

Art's already mentioned Kino and other than Cinelerra, I'm not aware
of many other FOSS offerings in the area.

If you have access to a Mac, iMovie does this quite well and is
generally bundled with the OS.

And finally, if you're willing to cross over to the Dark Side, I'm
told that Muvee[4] is good (but have never used it personally). It's
neither Free nor free.

Hope that helps,

1 -
2 - other formats too, but those are the two interesting ones for conversion
3 - That being said, you could copy the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD
to hard drive if all you want is local access to the files and skip
any conversion at all.
4 -
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