Ugarit Ebla on 29 Jun 2009 18:27:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Find Open Ports


Casey Bralla wrote:
> My employer is very aggressive in closing off ports.  This makes it hard for me 
> to access my home network from work.  Luckily, port 23 is open so I can ssh 
> in, and of course, port 80 is left alone.
> However, I've got several special web pages that run on computers behind my 
> firewall.  I access them through port forwarding to non-standard ports (such as 
> 81 & 82).
> Unfortunately, since my employer blocks these ports, I can't use them.   I do 
> have unlimited discretion, however, in assigning my programs to whatever port 
> I desire.
> So....  if I knew which ports were NOT blocked, I could use those.
> BUT...  How do I check to see if what ports are available?
> So far, I've been able to come up with 2 ideas:  1) scan every port, and 2) 
> try ports manually one at a time.
> I could run a portscan on my portable, but that would undoubtedly raise all 
> kinds of alarms.  Also, I'd have to be sure I was connecting to something that 
> had those ports active.
> Does anybody have any suggestions on how to test to see if a series of ports 
> is not filtered, or have a suggestion of ports that I could test manually 
> through trial and error?
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